I want to get unbanned from War Thunder chat

Hello, 5 days ago i got chat muted in War Thunder for 30 days. I’ve had a lot of bad battles in a row. And i sent some really negative messages to a guy who killed me 4 times. That thing what i did was not the smartest idea i thought about. And next day i got muted. I understand i shouldnt spread hate towards other players. I cant chat with my freinds in WT and cant even chat in Shooting range battles. All i want is to get appel because im so pissed off, i just cant do anything useful for my team. I feel very bad for myself because I shouldn’t have violated the WT terms of use. All i want is to get unmuted.
Can i get another chance?

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contact support

hey are u a gaijin employie

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Yes you did, and no, getting upset about anything in the game does not allow you to say what you did.

You should have thought about the consequences before.

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No, contacting a Game Master via forum PM is the proper way to inquire about a chat related ban.


No, I’m not from Gaijin