I want to buy the T72 M2 Modena when is out again

I didnt do the event of arachy please put it out to the sell again

You can buy it right now. It’s available on the Gaijin marketplace for GJN coin.


Yup, where people ask insane prices, and there are some countries where you have no access to the market. And even if i did i will not sponsor Gaijin with first buying GC and then paying the 15% “tax” for every time i use GC to buy stuff, so if you buy 100 GC you can only spend 85 GC.

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Don’t get your hopes up. Its just a year old vehicle in the game. It won’t get its drop rates elevated in the special season crates any time soon.
I am personally sitting on the coupon until it starts selling for at least 1000GJN.
Better buy it now when its relatively cheap. Once it breaks the 200GJN wall, next stop is 500GJN.

You act like this is Gaijins fault… The prices are the community being greedy. Not Gaijin

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What was my first sentence again?:

So you’re correct about the people, i was merely adding that Gaijin takes you cash for GC and then takes an additional 15%, which turns the conversion rate from 1:1 to 1: 0.85 being cash to GC ratio.

Taking commissions is done by every company.

We need atleast an Annual Rerun Event (ARE) for all Non-TT vehicles. Removed Store Bundles, Event Vehicles, Removed Vehicles etc.

War Thunder is about collecting Vehicles, no Capitalism or Historical Accurracy should interfere with this.