I want to add CITV to Patria CT-CV 105HP, but I am very frustrated because I can't find the information

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I want to add CITV ( commander’s independent thermal viewer ) to Patria CT-CV 105HP.

Considering the age of the armoured car and the purpose of the scout car, I think it should have CITV.

However, perhaps because armoured vehicles are so little known, searchable information is scarce, and statements about this equipment tend to be cursory and not mentioned in detail.

The only place where the device is explicitly mentioned is on War Thunder’s own forums, however this cannot be taken as reliable information at all.

As a result, I feel frustrated and powerless.

CT-CV 105HP: Meriam Canggih Untuk Medium Tank Pindad (indomiliter.com)
CT-CV weapon system 105 120 mm turret armored cockerill gun | Belgium Belgian light heavy weapons UK | Belgian army military equipment vehicle UK (armyrecognition.com)
CMI Defence Cockerill CT CV 105HP | PDF | Gun Turret | Cannon (scribd.com)
Arma 8x8 (CT-CV 105HP) - Exceptional Hunter - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum

Thank you , I will use this information to request that CITV be added.

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As far as I’m concerned, none of Cockerill’s brochures directly states that it has CITV but, in brochure it is mentioned that it has hunter/killer capability against multiple targets. Do note that hunter/killer does not necessarily means the it has CITV (as you can have similar capability with single sight/periscope through mirroring it independently to Gunner and Commander screens).

That being said, nearly every CT-CV105HP armed vehicles has seen with CITV fitted to it, I haven’t seen Patria’s irl images but I believe it was also fitted. You can use brochure and real life images to support your post for addition of CITVç

Related Part from Cockerill Brochure

Interesting concerning the ATGM in that brochure, it says it has 550mm pen after ERA. In the game, it has 550mm pen total. Maybe a bug report is due?

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I’m not quite sure about that. I’ve checked Falarick in-game and it is tagged as Tandem so it is probably fine.

any response yet about CITV being added?