I want my custom flags I made for my Naval user skins back

After flags for GE were added (Sons of Atilla update) it’s broken custom flags on user skins for ships. I want to know how to restore them. Have flags been changed in how they’re displayed ever since GE flags were added? Is it a matter of file names being changed? What specifically affects me is the USSR naval flag. All the skins I had involved replacing this flag with a custom one. The way you did this was to make your own flag.dds file, and then add the line "replace_tex{ from: t=“flag_ussr_01_c*” to: t=“flag.dds” to the blk file of the ship. After the Sons of Atilla update changing this aspect of the blk file does nothing and only displays the default flag again. Long story short what I want to know is has the file name "flag_ussr_01_c been changed, and therefore have all the names for naval ensigns been changed in the files? Or has the old method of displaying flags been changed entirely? Please tell me. Hundreds of naval user skins shouldn’t have this aspect of their work go to waste.

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In advance yes I know that I used two different ships in my example pictures. I had a user skin pack that was a universal minor overhaul for the Soviet Navy in game and want to know how to fix its custom flags to display again. Every ship used the same method of blk file tweaking. I need to update it for the Opytny as well.

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Try changing it to flag_c* in place of flag_ussr_01_c*. I was able to get a lot of flags to work again that way.

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