I wanna report some malicious behavior

During gameplay, I noticed that this player was teaming up with their alt account in the air combat historical mode, which left me deeply puzzled. Their alt accounts consistently joined top-tier air combat historical games with starter planes. Furthermore, the player’s profile showcased exceptional gaming skills, top PVP ratings, and an astonishing exchange ratio of over 10-20 KD. Typically, such players are regarded highly in the WT community and have no need or inclination to use alt accounts to maintain their records. Therefore, I arrived at a possible explanation that the player might be using cheats and scripts on their alt account to evade penalties on their main account from the server.

Furthermore, during server revisits, I retrieved the player’s game ID and found them using alt accounts extensively in numerous matches. In the server replays, it was evident that the player could detect opponents who hadn’t even made contact yet, pre-position themselves advantageously, and initiate attacks beforehand. Hence, I suspect that the player might be using cheating software assisted by alt accounts to achieve high average scores and KD ratios. Upon confronting the player about this discovery, to my surprise, they became extremely angry and continuously engaged in malicious behavior, deliberately team-killing me in subsequent matches where we were matched as teammates.

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the WT officials and the community for their continuous efforts in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. I believe the player’s misconduct violates the WT user agreement, and I request the officials to investigate and take appropriate actions against the player and their alt accounts.

ID: WhyuBu11yMe

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