I trying to talk with a master adm and i cannot know if i doing right

This game master has not been on the forum for three months. In the game master list you can see their activity on the forum. Choose an active one.

i tried contact with schindibie too and nothing :'( i want to play again.

Remember these are real people its not like a 24/7 it support it takes time

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Chill. They will get to it in due time. I will warn you though that for bans for cheating, there is no official system for appealing that and GMs are not the people who you contact for that.

Who can i call for it ? i never used nothing… in my case i think it’s unecessary, i stoped to play and when i tried to play again after some mouths, this message appears.

I just said there is no official system for appealing this. You can scream at GMs until you’re blue in the face but it’s not their job.

Okay, after a play almost 5000 hours of this game… i think it’s time to stop, so…

There’s always other games out there.

Yeap and in real life i already aircraft pilot so i don’t have much time to War Thunder, but F, it was a good game.