I tried googling and found nothing: British Firefly. The bottom left HUD has a bunch of shells and number 5. What is this?

The bottom left HUD with your tank hull and damage indicators has this shell counter not unlike in naval. I’ve no idea what it is and I find nothing on either the wiki, the official site, forums or reddit. I am probably using the wrong search terms.

Is it some kind of ready-use ammo rack that reduces reload speed while it has shells?

You replied yourself.

Confirmation is better than speculation :v.

I wish the wiki page for the firefly mentioned this info.

How does it interact with crew skill? Does loading into and from it both get buffed?

I think moving a piece from the second to the first stage doesn’t change much.

Off-topic, but, If I’m not wrong, the Type 90 and Type 10 has the slowest ready rack reloading outside a capture point.

Also, If I’m not wrong. It only affects reloading first stage to the breech and second stage to the breech. Not second stage to first.

Also: The Wiki lacks of information, specially about specific things or specific values. I really wanted to update all of them but changing and updating information in ~5,000 articles ain’t for me. 💀