I took over a year and made a free to use war thunder Wikipedia app for Android

Hi all, it took me over a year but I have developed a free war thunder Wikipedia app to allow you to easily view vehicle information, in game updates and in game news

Download: https://shorturl.at/JLNVY

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Here are some of the apps features:

• You can search for vehicles, right in the app
• Stay up to date with the ability to select both a War Thunder News, and War Thunder Updates section of the app that launches a webpage
• The app works offline
• You can “Favorite” vehicles to come back to later, this doubles as an offline section
• The app differentiates between Regular, Premium, and Squad vehicles in the game
• The app loads very fast and is designed with modern coding practices
• The app offers Material You, aka Dynamic Theming in the Settings

This copyright infringement is definitely not malware. /s
[It’s probably malware.]

The app has over 3000 downloads on the Play store and 160 5 star reviews. I do not make money off of this app either. I did it purely for the community

There’s nothing wrong with a wiki app. It doesn’t violate any copyright law.