I think the aircraft should be retired

I think the aircraft should be retired, to make missiles fairer. First off aircraft that have missiles like the mig-17AS with 2 R-3XS’S are fine where they are because there only good a short range and it harder to lock on. Whereas Aircraft like the A-4B with 2 AIM-9B’s has to great of a lock on system for it to be a 9.0 B.R., my point is that that aircraft with greater lock-on type missiles need to be put at least at 10.5 B.R. so it’s fairer for aircraft with worse missiles to be put in a match with aircraft without missiles, than it is to put them against aircraft with greater lock-on missiles.


I’m basically saying that at the current tier with some of the greater lock-on missiles they need to be at a higher tier because surviving them is next to impossible.

So, basically what you are saying is that the soviets need a massive advantage, but other nations with an equivalent missile need to be nerfed through the floor?

Looks at how much better the Mig-17AS’s flight performance is compared to the A-4B

Looks to missiles and sees they are almost exactly the same

Uh no?

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No I mean all nations.

Including the Mig-17AS then, as it has missiles. In fact, those same missiles are found on 9.7s. So I think the Mig-17AS needs to move from 9.0 to 9.7 as it is unfair on aircraft at the same BR that dont have any missiles, Like the Hunter F1


I haven’t played it that much to tell you if that right or not but, it sounds like your right it does need to be moved up.

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Aim 9’s, specifically the one you’re talking about, can be flared like a deer in the headlights, oh, and it’s extremely easy to dodge. While at 9.0, I have never been able to dodge a Russian missile at 0% throttle and tight spiraling.

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Yeah, that too, using my main aircraft of that BR, the A32A and the J29F, A32A gets no missiles, J29F gets two AIM-9B’s, one I don’t have yet, the Swedish Hunter J34 gets two AIM-9B’s, yet again, still horrible missiles for the BR, I usually face things that carry flares, which can easily flare them off, and for the more skilled, less equipped players, they can just dodge them. This is the equivalent of saying, the T-80 has a lower plate weak spot, so we have to lower its BR to a BR where that spot doesn’t exist. Also, at 10.3 Sweden gets its first two SuperSonics, a AJ37 Viggen, with not built in guns, and no tracers for the guns it gets, with only two AIM-9B or AIM-9E/P’s, and the J35 Drakken, with four AIM-9B’s or four AIM-9E/P’s, much more maneuverable, but also doesn’t have strike capabilities. This is an absurd suggestion.