I think the Abrams Armor is not represented well

With the early M1 it still had chobham armor which gave better protection that what is given now. Right now its like there is no armor as you can take out an abrams from any angle and direction. If you dont take out the abrams on the first shot, rest assured enough spalling was generated to take out almost everyone inside and disable vital parts so even if you had a 30 second reload you would be able to take a second shot and kill the abrams.

The M1 is mainly composed of sturdy rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) steel plates, sandwiched around thicker protective material.

The core armor is a variation on the British Chobham armor – an arrangement of metal plates, ceramic blocks and open space. HEAT and Sabot rounds may make it through the outer layer of the armor, but they won’t make it all the way into the crew compartment. The ceramic material can absorb a lot of heat, as well as heavy physical blows. The rest of the hot gases or metal pieces spread out in the empty air pockets.

Updated M1 tanks have extra layers of steel and depleted uranium that supplement the Chobham-style armor. This combination will hold up to any tank round and most missiles

I will not track down 100 different sources on my own time to have gaijin turn down 99 of them when they nerf the abrams more due to a bug report with out source material or fact checking to support it. I dont understand why they wouldnt want a more balanced game and have the abrams a better competitor in top tier. The KVT Premium tank is such a joke, as its just the M1 abrams that is playing dress up. It has below 400mm of penetration and being uptiered to 11.0 is just a waist of time.


According to some, M1’s armor is already overperforming so I would have to agree with you, it’s armor is not represented well.


He is comparing the M774 round to the Abrams armor protection, not the other nations. When you check it against the other nations rounds, its not over performing in the slightest.

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It’s overperforming when compared to the real thing, you know, real life M1.

Yea thats still doubtful its not over performing compared to the real life m1

Well if you have sources backing up your claim about insuficient protection of the Abrams, don’t hesitate to make a bug report.

From what i know of it it seems to be pretty well implemented in game rn.
(But to be fair, i only knows the basic and read few thread about it, i’m no expert what so ever).

Which tank doesn’t take critical damage after a APFSDS went thought the armor? Apart from the T- series , almost every shoot that go though a tank is going to kill it or damage it and “disable vital part”.

Well if you want it to change but don’t work for it, you’ll get nothing achieved mate. You either find good source and compile them to have a good bug report or you don’t and nothing get done.

Top tier is never going to be perfectly balanced, some tank wil always be better than others.
The Abrams migth be worse than some tank it’s going to face but it’s also better a lot of tank in it’s br.
It’s a good but not excelent tank in mobility, firepower and armor.

Does it has anything to do with the armor? It’s just a copy paste Gaijin made for ez money.

That is pretty much confirmed fyi; the armour was improved inbetween M1 & M1IP, hence why we have names like BRL-1 and BRL-2 (roughly ~50mm improvement in terms of KE protection).

M1 was estimated (by the Brits) to provide ~320 - 340mm of KE protection on the hull, in stark contrast to M1IP which provides ~370 - 390mm, so yes, it is overperforming.

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Every tank in the game has under performing armor because Gaijin is scared of implementing spall liners.

There was a report after desert storm about the suitability of the abrams. t-72 did very little damage to the abrams. the onese that were damaged or destroyed were hit in weak spots, but most just pigged off the armor. if we are going by real life stats, the russian tanks are very much over performing.

If you look at the context they werent used in the war itself by soviets, iraqis T-72M (worse than T-72A or T-72M1 in game) tanks had only 3BM9 which was long since phased out of actual usage in USSR and was just a practise round for soviets.

So you have M1A1 used by its former country and T-72s with practise rounds used by country former creator exported them to.
Saying T-72s overperform just because 3BM9 cant scratch Abrams while in game T-72s with completely different ammo can is extremely funny.

So during the first gulf war the Iraqi tanks used 3UBM3 and 3UBM4 rounds, with some claims of 3UBM5 but those were basically rumors. You can find it funny all you want and you can try to manipulate the data if you want to but if we are looking at real life compared to the game as motorolaCRO was saying, then the russian tanks are completely over performing. What i find funny is the moment anyone says anything that will upset the overpowered Russian stats in the game people try to justify this or that with manipulated data.

All i was saying is the abrams armor in the game is not working as it should as it should have a bit more effective protection and you all want to act like i just cut down your manhood because it would make for a more balanced and fun tank battle.

Thats T-62 115mm original first rounds, where does T-62 fight Abrams in game? I just dont see how original T-62 or early T72s overperform in any way. Making a claim Abrams armour is underperforming just because it was fighting tanks that couldnt scratch it is just funny.
Its same kind of comparision if you compare army with IFVs with army with only cars.

Literally impossible, because unlike Russia, there’s not a lot of public data on armor, and also unlike Russia, the info we do get is not over-exagarrated loaf of bullshit, so we have what we have.

I assume even after changes Abrams wont start tanking 400mm+ darts so it doesnt matter. It has ok dart, great mobility and great reload speed, basically you trade off armor for mobility, its fine. I would better advocate giving that 395 mm pen dart to Abrams.


Some? Who? Rando’s?

With BR compression still around
The issue is just as you said. It got up-tier where most things can lol-pen you . Due to that at higher tier APFSDS are a lot stonger than APFSDS around your current BR. that mean while you had to aim for their weak spot they don’t. However this apply to most MBT that got up-tier.

Then again Abrams can still hold it own since it still has great mobility+gun handling with okish fire power (good reload rate and LRF + meh thermal) to work with.

New look at abrams armor just dropped