I think that Realistic Battles need to be changed to be fairer

I think that Realistic Battles need to be changed to be fairer. To Start out it doesn’t matter what gun your tank has because about 80% of the time you instantly die because the see you, so it more maters how much armor you have then anything else. Tanks like the BMP-2M has an 70% chance at surviving a hit show be the layout for all tanks. This means that all tanks, for every nation should be downtired to make everything fair. For example, the T-34-85 needs to be moved down to B.R. 4.7 because it has a 40% chance of being instant killed or being damaged where it can’t fire back. So, my point is that the gun should play a every little fact in the B.R. placement of a vehicle because the armor is the only thing that matters.

Making self-guided missile helicopters only spawns if an AAA with homing missiles is spawned because they can lock on to them at far ranges. People sit back too far that they aren’t visible to regular AAA, making them impossible to kill. It’s the only fair way that I can think of.

Making all aircraft and helicopters have a little red dot up them when they are within a certain range of AAA. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been killed by a aircraft or helicopter that I could see in my AAA, so I think that Simulator Battel should be the only place that has no markers. Only making the somewhat visible when there in a certain range of an AAA seems fair.

Everything in air Realistic Battles seems fair so, why can’t Ground battels be the same.

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Just out of curiosity, where are you getting these percentages? Not trying to be rude, just curious.

I’ve come up with them after 8 years of playing the game.

According to your statement, Japanese Chi-Ha should be reserve, Chi-Ha kai and Chi-He should be 2.0, Chi-Nu should be 2.7, Chi-To and Chi-Ri should be 3.3, because they always get instead killed and they really lack of armour

I haven’t played them, so I won’t know but, according to you it sounds right.

I guess we should move the HSTV/L and the Centauro to 5.0 cause they have very little armour. Or the Leopard 2 Marksman to 2.3 because it only has 25mm of armour. Bring the R3 down to 2.7 and the FIATs to 1.3 cause they have 8mm of armour. Sounds good to me.

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Please tell me this is a joke.

I’ve been using the T-54 (1949). I say that with any ammo upgrades it sucks. 90% chance of being insta killed and not that much better of a chance when fully upgrade, so it needs to be moved down.

No, I’m serious.

My point is that everything should handle like the Maus. That tank has the greatest survivability and placement of all the tanks. If they want an example of a tank that’s done right then look no further because the Maus is done right.


I’m all for it ;) According to this logic, the PT76B should be reserve, cause it gets killed by anything also.

Repost this in (very) early april.