I think i may just be done with this game

I cant pen anything with heat rounds as i just got the M1A2 Sep. still havent unlocked the APFSDS round for it. I get one shot by everything, and i hardly do any damage to anything i hit. This is just not fun and i dont see the reason to keep going as from the looks of the new patch its just going to be worse for american tech tree. I wanted to start on Russian tree but since it took over a year to get to top with american tech im just not interested and defiantly dont want to put any more money into the game.

I would say that it is the journey and not the destination but i know some people only care about modern day stuff. If you really hate older vehicles, there might be 1-2 other games that might be decent.

Someone got to say it … get back to lower ranks and start to learn. You got almost 10k battles in GRB but ~ 6500 destroyed targets shows me that you rushed through the game without developing some basic skills. And a look into your card shows exactly that. You can keep playing like that but don’t expect any other outcome.
I know why I stay away from higher tiers … because I’m not ready for this.


I am a pure pilot so I don’t know if my opinion is correct or not, so I share my experience playing online team combat games with many people participating in a battle. I’ve played bomber about 200 games, and I’ve found that even if you don’t do anything that significantly affects the outcome of the game, the average win rate won’t easily fall below 40% when both teams are equal. In terms of strength, what makes his win rate at 34% or less is most likely due to the combination of both skill factors and the strength of the opposing team.

“I think i may just be done with this game”

Judging by the queue times lately on the EU server I would say many are joining you.

Judging the by latest vehicles thrown in, the BR changes and ruining the only good maps we had I would say I might be joining you.

Thx for sharing your experience because I don’t have that much in flying. I think you got a good point. To a specific point your winrate is depending on the team. Some tanks or in your case planes can compensate for that. The rest comes down to your skill and how to use it to win.
I assume that our OP went from tank to tank in the belief that with the next tank everything will be better.

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