I think gaijin should add this SPAA for sweden

The Finnish Sisu truck with the NASAMS air-defense system would be a good SPAA for sweden in war thunder.

It uses the AIM-120 AMRAAM missle


It would be a good addition ones AMRAAMs are added to the game


Or it could be the same except using a scania truck

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This vehicle requires an external radar in order to function, so it doesn’t fit the criteria for being added in game.

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That doesn’t mean it can’t be added.

That means that the support method for passing out the radar would need to be brought in.

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No, it means ‘can’t’.

There are still many AAs with radar, but it is a separate issue from anti-radiation missiles.

What he said that this system would require radar vehicles, fire control vehicles, power supply vehicles, etc. that are separate from the missile carrier vehicle. The vehicle in the photo cannot operate alone (like Hawk, Patriot, S-300, etc.)

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It doesn’t mean that, as it more means a not yet…

The Wiesel is supposed to work with that kind of system and many others could be brought in if there was such a support role.

But alas, I bet you there’d be a heap of people that’d complain that that’d be a boring role to do, much the same as base SPAA…

Most MANPADS are assisted by radar. Get alerted by radar system and cool down the seeker before the bandit approaches. However, this does not mean that a missile must be connected to a radar to fire it.

On the other hand, it is different for heavy SAMs. The authority to launch the missile lies with the FDC, not the missile carrier, and the missile carrier simply carries the missile.

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And what’s that got to do with the provisioning of having the ability for a vehicle to merely spot with radar for a group of others…

Similar to what the light tanks do for the team overall…

Think about that… Adding a feature to add something such as this, adding it to others that can also benefit.

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It’s simple. As I said, while MANPADS CAN operate standalone, heavy SAMs CANNOT standalone.
So it is completely different from the spot function of light tanks.

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Stuff like this will probably just end up being air rb targets for anti radiation missiles

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From a developer mindset, it’s not that different. Whilst you as a player see it as a totally different thing, the fact of it relaying a target, is what I’m pointing towards.

You say it can’t, I’m saying it can’t yet… And could easily add to the current vehicles abilities.

After all, there was another thread a while back talking of having lasers for ground units to guide bombs, and it’s literally the same situation. Adding ability for a mechanic to be put in that would add a role and make more supporting actions possible.

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You’re not WT dev.

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Never said I was… A developer mindset is being able to actually think about the code/feature side of things, rather than just what you’re thinking.

This is why when I’m talking to people about percieved bugs and gameplay features, I have a greater method to my inquisition, and it leads to people understanding more, and actually having more appreciation for things.

Unless you are one of the WT developers, there is no reason to mention the “developer mindset”. Because it’s too abstract and subjective, so this is not a logical basis that can convince anyone. The only important thing is the criteria set by WT devs.

And as he mentioned earlier, this vehicle doesn’t meet that criteria.

The criteria is simple. Is this vehicle can operate standalone? And you mentioned the wrong basis - the Wiesel - which was refuted.

This is also why Japan had difficulty obtaining a new SPAA. And what helped Japan finally get a new SPAA wasn’t that they cried out for an exception to the rule, it was that they explained that it could operate standalone without other vehicles.

Laser guidance of air bombs provided by ground units is not relevant to this topic and has never been rejected by the developers.

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So is that ‘criteria’ set by someone at Gaijin, or is that also an opinion?

This is the issue with not accepting someone else may have more information and thought process than just a general run of the mill player.

While people discussing about criteria of ‘standalone’, actually NASAMS’ problem is more fundamental


It is stationary battery.The truck is only carrier of this battery, unloading when it reach its location.

actually Sweden has its own missile SPAAG for now, the IRIS-T SLS. Why they have to rely on Finnish first?


Well, that’s taking standalone to another level. xD

NASAMS is a whole battery, not sure how would they implement that, but Finland could get their Buk TELAR, that would work.

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If it were an ‘opinion’ from some unqualified players, there would be no reason for me or him to mention like this. Why do you think certain players invent these criteria? It’s one of criteria of this game, like in order for a vehicle to be implemented in the game, a paperplan or considered is not enough; it must actually be built (at least in part).

Can’t you believe it? If so, write a suggestion thread. And see how the suggestion moderator reacts.

This is NOT the issue with not accepting someone else may have more information and thought process than just a general run of the mill player. Because it’s a matter of a rule like “This roller coaster can only be ridden by people who are at least 155cm tall and under 185cm tall”, and what you’re doing is getting rid of that rule in someday.

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