I remember once hearing about something something MiG21 SMT/Bis having an extra booster for short time... and

I always get a weird sensation that near the end of the match my MiG21 SMT doesn’t perform as well as it does at the start. And I remember hearing when the MiG21 Bis was added that it had some extra stage of afterburner that lasted for only a limited time.

Is this true and the reason why I feel like my MiG21 SMT “gets worse the longer the match goes”?

No? The “diamond” regime is a 6 minute max booster that wrecks the engine if overused.
It isn’t implemented in the game
If anything your plane should be performing better the lower your fuel load gets
( Unless they modelled the fuel tank weight shift but prolly not)

i just came from a match where i had to extend away from an ariete and my plane literally didn’t really accelerate at all, with only six minutes of fuel. I should have peeled off harder than the takeoff run but somehow the ariete caught up, damaged my tail and i had to try to get it before it reached airfield, but the very clever guy started circling around and let the SAMs do the job, so that he would score the seventh kill in me as i was still falling down in a ball of flames. His name is Jaguar09 and everytime I see him he is always stealing kills or third partying.

I’ve heared that they did it, which is the reason the FW 190 performs better with a bit more fuel

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After checking the replay i realized I was staying at 780ias and turning, even with neg G the mig21 will drag out so much you don’t accelerate if you pull the slightest. It was definitely a skill issue. Then I didn’t realize the Ariete actually managed to turn my engine red, and I still somehow managed to run away from it; had it 4 minutes of fuel instead of 1 i could have glided back to airfield.

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Hm. Well glad that was figured out.
The Ariete is busted quick to accelerate and if you were in a said energy state then that explains the absolute dunking on you.
( Tho It’s still baffling how ariete and saggitario are at the same br.)
At least u analyzed what went wrong unlike some copers that get slammed and then blame everything but their own actions.

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no, i WAS still able to outpace the ariete with a red engine; I just tried to missile it with two r60s i had left but the ariete is so cold I had to get way too close to airfield; a missile blasted me and the ariete finished me off when I was still in a ball of flames. A week later I found him again and I was on F5C and I was going aggro snap and disengage til he eventually broke his wings off and I clicked onto his cockpit. A sweet revenge.