I really want to buy M26E1, but I realized that M26E1-1 is 6.7

Gaijin pls do something to make M26E1 worth buying, I even want to purchase it at full price. but we do have a better one on the TT. M26, M26E1, and M26E1-1 at the same BR against Tiger2? seriously?

The T26E1-1 is not actually better than the M26E1. The M26E1 has a decent number of advantages that compensate for the lesser armor.

Still, the M26E1 at full price is quite a bit expensive for what it provides. I only bought it (last year) because I really wanted it in my collection.

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The M26E1 is very much indeed worth it. Maybe if it wasn’t full price but I’d take it over the M26E1-1 any day. Here’s a list of pros and cons of the M26E1 to the M26E1-1


  • Medium tank SP
  • Faster reload
  • It’s faster
  • Vertical aiming mech is inside the tank
  • More .50 cals
  • Better Acceleration*
  • Has arty mod
  • Prem bonuses
  • Somewhat rare
  • Lighter


  • Less armor
  • Can’t deal with HEAT and other chemical rounds as easy
  • Slower turret traverse
  • Less ammo in ready rack

*Idk if it does actually have better acceleration, but I’d assume so bc it is lighter


It having better acceleration is a consequence of it being lighter (achieving higher hp/ton), so those two come hand in hand.
That said, being lighter by itself is not an advantage, it actually has disadvantages. For example, the M26E1 will lose more speed when moving through destructible obstacles than the T26E1-1 will.

Another thing, while it does have only half the ready rounds compared to the T26E1-1 (5 compared to 10), it also has a far lower reload multiplier when the ready rack is empty.

With both tanks on fully maxed out crews, the M26E1 has a 11.11 second reload (0.09 shot per second frequency), and the T26E1-1 has a 12.5 second reload (0.08 shot per second frequency). When neither tank has a ready rack, the M26E1 only has reload multiplier of 1.17, leading to a 13 second reload, while the T26E1-1 has to contend with a reload multiplier of 1.6, meaning a 20 second reload.

In other words, the M26E1 without ready rack reloads barely slower than the T26E1-1 with ready rack, while the T26E1-1 gets an incredibly slow reload when it runs out of ready rounds.

Hmm, I didn’t think of it like that. I generally just avoid running into obstacles 😂

I didn’t think about all that. Makes sense, but I’ve found that I generally don’t run out of the ready rack because the reload is so long already and the gun/ammo is already good enough that you can 1 tap most tanks

It would be nice if the M26E1 got a slightly faster reload still. Hunnicutt states 6 RPM (10 second reload), which would mean even without a ready rack it would still reload faster than the T26E1-1 at 11.7 seconds.

It will probably happen when Gaijin uptiers it to 7.0. 🥲

Yeah that would be nice.

Yeah I’m worried for what will happen to the US 6.7 lineup when they finally move it all around.

I thought you were talking about Hunnicutt from MASH and I was very confused for a second 😂