I played 1000+ CV90105 and found an interesting phenomenon

I hit the inclined side of the Soviet tank, often after shooting, the enemy tanks were not damaged, people did not die, just a bad track, to the protection analysis only to find that the tank of the Soviet tank can absorb the debris generated by the ammunition, which is ridiculous.
In the same way, I tried the DM33, it can easily destroy the M1A2SEPV2, the M1A2 tank can not absorb ammunition fragments, it is currently the top tank in the United States. The Soviet tank 9.3 above medium tanks, as long as the front of the tank has a tank, it can easily absorb passing ammunition fragments. I tested the Munition DM53 and M829A3, which are NATO’s top munitions and are still being absorbed.
All are fuel tanks, but the Russian fuel tanks have a mysterious magical power, so that they can avoid destruction, may I ask why?


In the picture, you can see that the fuel tank of the Russian tank absorbed the fragments on the left side of the ammunition, while the fragments on the right side blackened the ammunition rack but did not explode or kill people. This kind of thing often happens.

there are no pictures

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Half the pictures failed to embed, but yes, front mounted fuel tanks either explode killing the tank or act as spall traps, except for those in the M1 series because there is a plate directly behind said fuel tanks that generates huge amounts of spall.

Which doesn’t really make sense since there’s literally 2" of Kevlar in front of that plate that should absorb/disrupt a good amount (or most) of that explosion.

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I updated the address of the picture. Can you see it now?

Because ussr fuel tank is inside the vehicle, and M1’s is outside. there are armor behind fuel tank, fragments are from this armor, and have no business with fuel tank.
And because of this, ussr tanks will die from fuel explosion, while M1 won’t.


Sometimes the same position is an explosion, sometimes just a fire, T72 can carry a maximum of 23 ammunition, T80 can carry a maximum of 29 ammunition, so that there is no ammunition next to the tank, which can effectively reduce the tank explosion probability.

Yep they all work now.

So, what is the cost? you may die because the fuel explosion, but external fuel tank wont

Now it is completely magic to explode the fuel tank or not to explode. I hope that Gajin can cancel the explosion of the internal fuel tank of the tank, so that the shell can generate fragments when it passes through the fuel tank, and replace the magic with normal.

no, it’s about probability

its about crew health and probability

After the fuel tank is hit, sometimes it explodes and sometimes it doesn’t explode. Isn’t this probability a magic trick? Is there an accurate number for this probability?

Based on the damage you do to fuel tank, and the explosion’s damage won’t kill if the crew level is high, or fuel tank is far enough, which gives crew more health.

When a shell hits the same spot, sometimes it catches fire, sometimes it explodes, that’s magic, and there’s no exact number of chances.

That’s called probability.

there is, in datamine, it won’t disappear because you just don’t know.

This is magic.

Ammo can just black out if one of these 2 criteria is met:
1, Tank uses 2 piece ammo (like soviets)
2, Ammo is modelled in bulks, not individually.

There have been a single exception i have seen in this, which was an M51 Shermna, and only once.

It is not magic, not bias, just a bug.

I estimate that when a shell hits a location in the picture of a Russian tank in the game, the probability of a tank explosion is 40%-50%. If the tank explosion is canceled, the tank can normally shatter the ammunition, and I can estimate that the explosion rate of the Russian tank is more than 80% due to the Russian ammunition rack, so the tank explosion effectively reduces the explosion rate of the Russian tank by 40%. That’s prejudice