I never received the 'upgrade coupon'

I received the 10 marks of distinction for a tanker, first I consumed the ‘upgrade coupon’ and then I consumed the ‘CT-CV 105HP coupon’. I never received the ‘upgrade coupon’ therefore I cannot sell the vehicle in gaijin market. It’s been more than a week and I’ve completed the 10 brands and I can’t sell. I still have the coupon for the unmodified CT-CV 105HP.

Hello! Please note when consuming the coupon you claim it to your account.

Therefore you can not unconsume it, your coupon to sell it will not be able to be used.

If you exchange the Upgrade coupon for War Bonds, you can not undo this action action.

I took these things into account, I simply did not receive the upgrade coupon even to exchange it for war bonds. Thanks for the attention, I’m really a little sad.

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