I need unclassified documents

I feel like people are so good at finding documents that are classified, someone would know of some UNCLASSIFIED documents on the Strv 103’s autoloader and cannon breech schematics! If anyone knows anything or knows anyone that knows about this please contact me.

Can an admin move this out of the naval forum, please?


My bad, I thought I clicked ground, I’ll fix it.

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Thanks. I appreciate it. Good luck with your issue.

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🤣🤣ur so nice man

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I try. No reason to be nasty about a mistake.

nah like bros obviously asking for illegal stuff but ur were so nice to wish him good luck lol

Unclassified documents are illegal?

classified ones lol. i just realised i read wrong srry

lol, You good.

this is not secure but its a start

also this:

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Thanks, I’m pretty sure I’ve looked at these before, but maybe I just overlooked something.

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