I need some help an a Stupid tobic

So one problem, i need to find a keybind for my breaks and i cant find where to set is so i need some help with that, btw its Air RB so not sim, tysm for all the help

The brakes are under the realistic controls tab up top, and they’re listed as left and right brakes individually, and you set them, and ‘add’ rather than replace.

So you click the realistic controls, search brake, make the changes, then click back to simplified or mouse-aim up top, then click OK and it’ll be fine.

If you don’t switch back it’ll give a prompt about other controls not being set.

Tried that, hate realistic controls

You’re missing what I’m saying… The control option is under the reaslitic controls tab, you select it to reveal the brakes, then switch it back to set it to normal.

As long as you set it back, the control will stay the same. This is how you would get MEC in mouse-aim and such.

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This isn’t helpful, and it’s ignorant to the advice that I’ve given.

It’s not that hard, but people try dismiss it as hard because they don’t understand it and can’t take the time to take notice and listen.

It often feels like I bang my head against the wall because people want to blame the game, and it especially gets bad when someone is asking directly, gets answered, then some random throws out a ‘It’s the games fault’ quip for the pure sake of it, which makes an excuse for people to not bother and proclaim everything is just broken.

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I did not (make him) say it was hard. I said it sucks. As in its bad, unintuitive interface design that gets worse everytime they stuff in some new functionality.

You saying that, makes the excuse to ignore the point. Whilst you think it’s funny, it’s actually counter-productive.

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The information I provided, makes it not convoluted, because if I know about how it works, and I’ve even mentioned how to set this, it’s obviously able to be understood.

You’ve come in an hour later with nothing but nonsense, I replied within 5 minutes of the OP posting with the answer.

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This is you, making an issue, compared to helping in a help topic.

Don’t try and make out it’s me for calling you out on that arrogance.