I need help for my WT launcher, the game can't update bc of a file named Client_86.dll and I can't delete it so it updates... please help

Don’t launch the game? like dude do not launch your game do not launch the launcher just delete the files while the launcher is not running. Otherwise When the Launcher is running=using the files you want to delete.

Already did, I deinstalled all and reinstalled all but it dçstill didnt work.

Be sure the agent in the taskbar is also closed.

Try uninstall it, then restart the PC in safe mode and remove it there maybe if it keeps being an issue.

(Edit - Looking at it, are you installing the game to the appdata folder? I’d not be doing that)

It’s the only way I could actually open it… I did a data transfer from my old PC from my current PC… I’ll still try, and if it works, thank you for the help!

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The best way to install the game is on a second drive, and in a defined low level folder.

I literally have it in G:\Games\WarThunder kind of thing.

I have quad SSDs, where 2 are raided for the OS and another 2 are raided for the games.

I then have an HDD to do my nVidia videoing to.

I’d also not go past starting over on your install of the OS to make sure you’re good with doing backups and managing your data too.

NAS are a wonderful thing if you can get them, or make them from old machines.

Good luck, I’ll see how you go later on as I’m actually off to do things today, so anything I’ll drop back later for you.


Right now I reinstalled it and it seems to be working properly, just gotta update it (17.6Gb)
Thank you again!

Installing it and reinstalling won’t do anything if you want to effectively delete it and fully wipe the files as well aka delete the files. They’re going to be located in your Steam Folder and if you’re not using Steam not sure how to help.

Just some future thing to do incase issues happen.

If you read the posts though, there were files in the appdata folder, which insinuates that they wanted to completely clean out everything.

Which is needed in some areas, as many uninstall and reinstall without deleteing folders, which can lead to remnants remaining, and causing the same issue they had prior.

Also with what I said to them about thier install folder, that could give trouble to things being that it may have been in the appdata set.

Also with you, you want to look at making a dedicated steam library folder on another drive yourself if you haven’t already. It makes cleaning a lot easier.

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