I need a answer about the emloyee in the issue who is nearly asking me to leak the secret manual about the JH7A

A few hour ago I post a issue about the PL8B and the empolyee close it add a label “not a bug”. Community Bug Reporting System
In this post the employee say that TrickZZter say the post “We can’t accept such report without sources.
Pictures from unknown sources cannot be accepted as sources.” Even I post not only the picture but also the basic information about the missile. Than I open another issue for asking what should I add to a make it passable : Community Bug Reporting System Then the same employee come to say the picture of the JH7A with a pl8b on the wing pylon mean nothing and they need the " pages with data that proves that JH7A could use the missiles“ .Can I say he want me to leak the secret of the JH7A becasue now this jet is still in the first line and the manual of it nearly in a top secret. Doesn’t he or she violate the rule “source-material-restrictions-on-classified-and-export-restricted-information-military-restrictions” which been post on forum that post on the forum in a long time ?


I actually felt really angry for it becasue at my side this is nearly the spy work that asking me to leak the secret from the PLAAF. The file I post in that issue’s Additional files for historical issues part it write by me and the information inside all can be search on Internet and some of the data in it Gaijing get it a few years ago. I also really need a manager come to explain about it.


Unfortunately if you cannot prove something with unclassified docs, that’s game over as far as a bug report is concerned. I’ve taken the liberty to look at your bug report and without any reputable sources they cannot use your report at all. If you can source them and they are from reasonable sources, such as Jane’s Fighting Books for example, or an excerpt from an official unclassified document, Tornado F.3 Turn Performance Incorrect // Gaijin.net // Issues, like so. (Yes there aren’t any docs here, as it has been acknowledged)
I highly doubt any forum staff would ask you to share classified documents, as it could result in serious legal sanctions placed on Gaijin.

If however, I have understood incorrectly and someone has indeed asked for classified docs, please refer to this page here Who is who and Reporting Procedure - Official News, Development Blogs and Updates - War Thunder — official forum
PM the relevant mod, in this case one of the Forum Mods, and explain the situation, with screengrabs and any relevant info.

Even the picture of JH7A mounting PL8B cannot be used as data, which only indicates that Gaijin does not want to add them, so they are making excuses.


The picture in the file I post is shown a JH7A carry the PL8B on the air ,the sources is from China military, through the wing tip pylon it show the plane carry the pl8b is a JH7A and the title about the photo is the Fighter bombers execute patrol flight.http://en.people.cn/n3/2020/1010/c312369-9767887.html

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This is one of the things they need to have, but you’re wanting to make it about the classified documents, when they merely asked for actual sources…

Most of the time actual sources are the classified ones.

This policy is a very cheap move because Gaijin exactly knows most Nato and Chinese vehicles informations are classified compared to Russian vehicles so therefore they are using these excuse in order to limit them.


I know… It’s not an excuse though, it’s a genuine thing.

The issue is people wanting the modern stuff which is classified to be added, then the others who complain once they are added that they’re not ‘right’, which is unprovable without the classified stuff.

Like a catch 22.

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Also the use and/or publication of classified information leave Gaijin and individuals open to repercussions.

It really isn’t rocket science to not break the laws of various countries ffs!!😏😏😏


Fair point.

But still, for the sake of gameplay Gaijin should stop asking actual sources every single time when it comes buffing vehicles.


The devs already know the JH-7A can use Pl-5EII’s and Pl-8B’s. They won’t give the plane either for the same reason the F-111A doesn’t get 9E’s or better. The bug reports are rejected because 1) that mod only approves stuff done “by the book” and even still rejects stuff for no other explainable reason 2) likely understands the devs know about the ability to mount these missiles.

These missiles aren’t added for balance, we could send official documentation from the PLAAF that declassified for the sole purpose of having the JH-7A in game get those missiles, and Gaijin still won’t give them it unless the performance metrics show the plane is struggling in their eyes. We can only wait and see at this point.

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No Tech Moderator is asking for documents that are classified. Any request for proof is taken with the rules regarding classified materials in mind.

The format of your report isn’t befitting the CBR. And would be better suited as a suggestion. We have a one issue per report rule.

If you wished to have the PL-8B added to the JH-7A you should create a report specifically about that.

JH-7A is missing the option to mount the PL-8
Picture of the aircraft loadout showing the issue

Affected Vehicle

This can be photos of the JH-7A with the missile mounted, authored secondary books (including the front page) and primary source documents such as flight manuals (when taking the rules about classified materials into account).

We don’t need to specify the rules on classified materials everytime we ask for proof. There is the forum post and there is a warning when creating a report;

Just also to add to what @Gunjob has already explained, you can send a PM to myself or any Technical moderator to ask for clarification on a report or what’s required.

No moderator or member of staff would ever ask you to submit classified or restricted material. Not only can it not be used, but it will also result in your account being subject to punishment, as per our rules: Source Material: Restrictions on Classified and Export Restricted information (“Military Restrictions”)

The answer in your report was simply asking for properly sourced images and sources. Not classified material.