Hey all, I have made a free war thunder wikipedia client for android with lots of extra features! This app brings the war thunder Wikipedia to your phone for FREE



  • available in multiple languages
  • has lots of relevant information from the war thunder Wikipedia
  • ability to look at tanks, planes, jets, helicopters and tanks
  • offline ability
  • favorite vehicles (they work offline when you favorite them)
  • war thunder news
  • war thunder updates
  • material you
  • theme chooser
  • extremely fast
  • well designed
  • 65 5 star reviews
  • more

Please download it and let me know what you think…


Does it pull information from the WTWiki or are you having to copy/paste or write everything?

Yes it parses the information programmatically! I would have to be an idiot to hardcode everything because things constantly change! It hooks right into the website

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dont mind him, hes a troll who got banned once and now this is his alt account

i must say well done, but be weary of making the website the primary source as that is also user updated.
also… i think theres something similar to this:
Assistant for Warthunder”, but idk about how updated that is…

That’s great man, the smart way of doing it.

If I can make suggestions;

  • When switching between air/helo/ground/sea vehicles, I’d prefer if the nation remained selected.
  • Square vehicle icons might allow for a third column, reducing scroll time.
  • Needs a text search function.
  • App icon on mobile is bland.
  • Integrate data from https://thunderview.net/ to create a more visual vehicle profile?

That’s all I have right now, can’t wait to see how it evolves!