I made a fast, modern and free war thunder Wikipedia Android app!

Hi all. I created a war thunder wikipedia app for Android that is free, fast and modern. You have the ability to search for vehicles, it has dynamic theming for Android 12+, It works offline, you can favorite vehicles, and it loads fast

This app took me months and months of work and research to make happen and I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, it has 110 five star ratings on the Play store and currently 2000 active users which grows every single day

Join the discord: https://urlis.net/gqf0rmay

Download the app: https://urlis.net/80ouv65m

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I’m sorry to tell you but there is already an app like this and it’s official…
However I have to admit that it’s not bad at least from the pictures

War Thunder Assistant is not particularly good. This app is, in my opinion, much better.

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I actually haven’t looked at it in a while and it’s been updated a lot

I just checked it and wow, this app has been updated a lot. It’s actually good now. It even tracks your current modification progress on vehicles, event tasks, event calendars, etc. It’s really good. Still, it doesn’t contain the wiki features this app does meaning that I’d argue both are really useful, just for different things. This app is also just a super impressive achievement.

I am just going to congratulate you on a job well done

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I agree, but with the wiki being well accesable via a browser on the phone, besides offlinefeatures, I don’t see an advantage in having an app, over the website.