I’m not a bot, I don’t have mods. I was banned

I’m on ps5, my account was hacked a few days ago so I changed my password and tried to get two step authentication. It wouldn’t send the code to my phone. Now I’m banned under “3.2.3 No malicious or deceiving use of software which automates the game process (bots,mods), changes gameplay or functionality of the Game, grants an advantage over other players not using such software or otherwise changes gaming experience, whether yours or any other player’s;” I have 1000 hours on the ps5 version alone. I don’t want to lose my account. Please help me.

Follow the rules and contact (PM) a Game Master

Posting here serves no purpose and will not help.


I should try this the next time the police arrest me for possession of cocaine “it wasn’t me bro, someone must have hacked my car and put the coke in there!”

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Rules state that you have to contact Game Masters via PM and start procedure with them.
You can find list of Game Masters at the link that Silver provided you.

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