I keep getting "Processing operation" that last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes whenever I switch presets

I have been playing for a few weeks now and I had no issues until yesterday.
I tried removing all the custom skins and that did not make it better either.

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I’m not on today, but do you know what the player count is? There may just be such a large amount of players that things are bogged down.

Have you also tried diagnosing things on your end?

Nice username.
The player count is 101 875. Not more than usual.

I have been trying to remove all the player skins, all the decorations. I am going to remove all the decals now and see if that helps (Going to take a while since loading takes forever)

Edit: It is the anime decals. I removed them and now switching presets is instantaneous again.
What an odd bug. Narrowed it down to either XSOlitude decal or UU Girl Heart decal. I believe it is the former.

same here…

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Yep, same issue, only post I could find going atm with anyone else having the same issue.

Oh wow, didn’t notice that! :3

I mean hardware-wise. Decals or anything won’t cause slow loading times, nor would user skins cause issues.

Restart your modem / router or whatever setup you have, restart / update your computer, so on.

Same here since this morning

Afaik it’s server side, their “minor update” has broken their game.

Same here

Nothing new then

Same here. War thunder servers are just shit

Still processing operation for everything, ressearch, repairing, activating boosters. like up to 30 seconds each time, it’s a bit ridiculous.