I just buyed 10 snowmans and 10 carrots and they are not in my inventory

i just buyed 10 snowman and carrots from the shop and while processing it gave me some message server error or something like that after that my lions are gone but there is nothing in my inventory can i have refound plz?


same and all my chests and winter things from store disapeard

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this is stupid…look at this

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You buyed 10 ? More fool you .

same shit

I got items back in my inventory but cant open them atm…it says: WRONG JSON

I just bought 300 and they all vanished!!!

i got them after two hours hope ull get em too…think servers are laggy atm everything is slow and late… cant open items yet error: inventoryerror/WRONG_JSON

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i managed to open like 30 then i started getting the json message, I thought i bought them to late and the event finished haha

They have made an announcement saying theyre having server issues. What do you expect.

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WT mobile not showing inventory either. You would think Gaijin would have different servers for the mobile version, so that both games would not be affected at the same time, but no.

All part of this, I assume:

Who would they host the same thing on two different servers?

Why put all eggs in one basket?

They said they have server issues. For mobile and pc the inventory is the same no? So obviously they would be on the same server?

The inventory is not the same for PC and mobile versions. They only share the name.

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happened to me earlier wt is having server issues

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All of my skins have disappeared. ones i didn’t redeem too, that i was waiting to have the vehicle for. hopefully Gaijin keeps a record of this sort of thing offsite…

They appear to have all loaded in but…