I have to play every map twice in a row, stuck in a 2 round loop

This started a few days ago, like wednesday or thursday maby. I load a game like top tier tank, go in get a few kills and die, load a new game and get the same map again, same mode. After that i get a new map, and i have to play the new one 2 times aswell. This even happens in Air RB. Random events like this happens once in a while ofc, but since wednesday this is 95% of all games i get, they are repeated twice and sometimes even 3 times in a row, same map same mod. You have obviously done something to either my account or some line of code somewhere and im wonder if anyone else is experiencing this right now?

I dont want to play 2-3 rounds of every map i get. There are only a few nice maps for top tier tank and when you get a less then optimal map and you know that the next map and maby even the next one after that will be the exact same map and the exact same mode, it just takes the fun right out of it.

Hope you can help


I can confirm this it’s very annoying i get some maps up to 4 times in row (mostly maps that i disliked)


As a good picture is better than a long explaination, I join this picture from the server replays (tank RB) showing two pages almost full of Hurtgen Forest battles!
Even if you like this map, it’s totally insane to have it such a long time!

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I think some maps are under rework, isnt it?

I just played 7 in a row, same map.

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