I have found a german document claiming that the 2pdr can pen only 40mm/30°,should I make a bug report and have Gaijin nerf the 2pdr? :D

  • Yes.
  • Absolutely!

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I mean, if you can find which 2 Pounder shot or shell they are talking about… Then sure, go ahead!

My guess would be the Shell Mk 1 APHE round which I think most people don’t use anyway.

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It won’t matter either way. Gaijin uses a formula to calculate the performance characteristics of these rounds, including set in stone slope modifiers for APC, sharp nose AP and blunt nose AP. No amount of bug reports will change the penetration of one specific round without also having to chance every other round.

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Can you tell what sort of shell is being used?

This is literally all the information I found.

So it doesn’t really tell us much - as has been said Gaijin uses a formula now, but it would be interesting ot know what hte Germans were using.

Oh - and also remember that Germany had it’s own formula for what constituted a penetration, which is likely different from every other country - some used at least 50% shots go all the way through, some used other criteria.

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