I have been banned for username

I have sent a pm to one of the game masters yesterday and it got viewed 3 times what is the process of unbaning and what is the average waiting time for a response.

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Just give it time. There are dozens of people trying to get the same thing done for themselves. Plus the GM’s have other things they have to look at. Just give it a little more time. Good luck on getting unbanned mate!πŸ™‚


Hello ive also have been baned for my username but i have changed it. I would like to be unbaned please (i dont know what to do)

Hi! You need to contact a game master Here

Hope it gets unbanned!

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thank you very much

No problem!

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and would you happend to know what do i need to send them (info)
becose i dont know
(sorry for my english im not from england or america.

Umm, just probably need to tell them why you got banned and ask for an unban.

Lol, it’s okay

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ok thanks. Have a great day and agin thanks for helping!

Yeah no problem!

You too!

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