? I got perma ban out of nowhere help 9years playing this


Hi! I also received the same message about BAN an hour ago!!! This is very sad… I spent money and time on this game and today I received a message about the BAN. This is some kind of nonsense… I sent a message to support…

yes me too and i can’t use my premium account this hurt because is my money

Recently, during discounts, I bought a premium account for 365 days and several premium jets for accelerated leveling. Recently I finally upgraded the F16C and started playing simulated air combat. I played sim battles for about 2 weeks. And suddenly today I get BAN!!! How is this possible?

do you use any modifications? even sound mods?

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Cheats, bots and prohibited mods were not used.

Sometimes I used custom camouflages from the site WT Live // Best camouflages for the past week.

The Razer Cortex program is used to optimize the system.

Cloudflare WARP is sometimes used to optimize network connections.

To review simulated air combat, I tried to use the Openrtack program for review using a webcam.

interesting. well, i can’t help you, but if i am correct, maybe you can contact staff avout it

Yes, I understand this and I have already sent a message to support. What’s the point of using some kind of cheats if I spend real money on the game and understand that I can be banned and as a result I will lose my money and time spent on the game:( This is very sad…



Same here my 8+ year acc just got banned this morning

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I also sent them my system configuration file. I hope this will help them understand this issue.

Yeah that’ll do it. Its essentially a VPN, or looks like one from Gaijin and EAC perspective.

cheaters are usually very dumb. it is a miracle that they don’t just forget how to breathe.

on the other hand, mostly they use stolen credit card info.


I sometimes use Cloudflare WARP for my internet to protect payment information and privacy.

But VPNs also allows you to masquerade you IP as coming from a region with lower prices/currencies. And the Snail is fine with wall hacks, but won’t tolerate not getting all of its money.

Can’t believe i’m not the only one

This is very sad:( 8+ years old account!!! Very bad… It’s a pity for the money and time wasted… We need to try to restore the account.

We need JUSTICE !!!

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I agree.

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Or at least take the opportunity to play a better game. sorry.