I got my acount banned for the fact that its considered to be using a bot or a mod

I got my account banned becouse someone is thinking i use a bot or a mod that i never used. I want access back to my account like i pay for stuff ingame and after 5 day or so i get my account banned cuz i play the game ? I never used a mod or a bot or used any type of software to alterate the gameplay.

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same issue here bro. glad I’m not the only one

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Same :/

Its the latest ban wave, you broke the TOS by cheating and now youre gone. Either way theres nothing that they can do on this forum.

i never cheated

Thats what they all say.

well i want them to show me the prof of cheating. Cuz i never added anything to the game not even a sound mod not even a skin or even the reticle for the tanks. Its all normal default from the game.

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Please check this post