I got message about geing reported for random reason's

Hi, i got message about being reported by 10 ppl for team killing, cheating, toxicity and using bot (as presented in screenshot). And i dunno what happend during those games this day, but that’s tottaly random out of nowhere when i came back. My guess is ennemy team got upset or i got weird team. I do can admit to being a little toxic, but not that much. As for other 3 (team killing, cheating and using bots) i im not killing my own team and i dont use any cheats or to have them.

I would like to receive help from team support to help me out to understand why this happend, and why i got this? Is this some kind of threat that war thunder did to me?

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Soo far, only for cheating and using bots you can get banned as we know.
We played some games together having fun and making jokes, most of them were not plesant jokes.

But we kept them privated (mainly in discord)
But i dont quiet understand why wt would give this to us.

I all can confirm is that we both didnt use any cheats or bots for our advantage or even have them.

Someone didn’t like you so they and their squadron friends mass reported you. Everyone gets that message you got eventually, from time to time, if you have enough good carry games.

Fortunately the people who review in-game reports can only kick you out of chat if they want, it’s a different review process (using server reporting and full video review) that gets your account cancelled, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Also the ToS says they have to act in two weeks or forget about it, so if you’re still here in two weeks you’ll be fine.


I didnt even know that this was a thing in war thunder. I have played for 3,2k hours lmao.

If you’re a good player, less good players will often report you - I don’t know, out of envy?
There’s little to do but just ignore it.

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Countless time someone has sneak into my DM and say they reported me because I was spawn killing them bro lol

The opposite happened right today, a lvl 100 german main complained me for remembering his position after he smoked up and defeated him. I have not yet been in trouble, and I hope not to get in trouble.

Its every few months that someone asks about this, so I also repeat my response: No, you only need to worry if indeed you have committed a provable offense.

This message comes automatically if you have been reported a few times, but it really has zero significance on your actual behaviour.

Important: We GM’s only punish if there is a report which actually proves a misconduct. The number of reports against you is completely irrelevant. So you can really say somethin forbidden once and get a chat ban, if it’s really against the rules, but you can get a hundred reports without doing anything wrong and will of course not be punished, because you did nothing wrong.

I personally very much dislike this message (gotten it yself a few times, even), as it just confuses people and has no relevance punishment-wise.

Btw, on the contrary, players spamming reports about the same “issue” repeatedly may get into trouble themselves, as report spamming also is a punishable response, as it takes away a lot of our time to process reports for absolutely nothing.


It’s nice to see a Game Master respond to a thread like this.
If they’re innocent, I wish them luck.

Why don’t the dev’s just enable the chat filter by default? No idea why it’s an even an option to turn off or on, if it’s against the CoC.

I mean they felt compelled last year to disable everyone’s chat last year for “Reasons” twice.

Any automated chat filter can quite easily be circumvented, for example just by changing a letter or two, but the meaning remains very well visible. Also, the filter is not able to be able to understand context, which is often a major part of a chat offense: Words may have inoffensive meaning alone, but in context they become offensive.

This is why all reports are processed by us, humans, as we still are better at this than the filter.

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