I got hacked and ban chat

I’ve open a ticket wit hgaijin and they asked me to come here to make another ticket about my chat ban,
i got hacked few days ago and the people who hacked me got me chat ban. i will link the only proof i got about him but what can i do about that ? Is there any way to resolve that ? Chat in game is very important in AIR RB.


Congratulations for what ?? Getting hacked ?

Most original excuse for at least 5 days.


Sure. You posted it here and doing so serves absolutely no purpose except promoting what happened - credit where credit due.

They probably meant for you to contact a game master on the forum. You can see them here Who is who and Reporting Procedure

Brain damaged…

That’s sad to hear. They’ve made great advances over the years so please keep your hopes up. I’m sure you’ll get the help you deserve. Happy New Year!

There is no need to argue over this here, please contact Gaijin Support and or Game Masters

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