I found this cute little WarThunder themed mouse cursor

Hello everyone,

hope your doing well. I just found this cute little WarThunder themed mouse curser, it looks very cool Ill put a picture of it below. what do you all think?

The while arrow will point to where the curser is.

The mouse in its normal state:

The mouse in the you can interact with this state:

how did u get that?

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How did you get that profile icon?

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A extension on my browser called mouse cursor - custom cursor

From there the mouse cursor is just called WarThunder

That’s so cool!!

Also your username is awesome

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I got this profile icon from playing a event from a few months ago. The event was called sword of justice and one of the prizes from doing the tasks in the event was this profile icon. You cant get it anymore but I’m sure there will be other events in the future where you could get another profile icon.

This is the event that i got the profile icon from: [Event] Earn the Jaguar IS in the Sword of Justice Event! - News - War Thunder