I found some evidence that could be used to enhance leclerc's mantlet

If these armor could be added,leclerc’s mantlet will have a great chance of blocking 3bm42,let alone 2s38’s apfsds.


I just saw an issue yesterday and it looks like it fits :3

How exactly is it going to stop 3BM42 with about 300mm of mixed composition material?

aren’t mantlets in-game purposefully nerfed?

they are steel,now the mantlet can already stop 3bm42,but only 2 small area on the right/left side of the barrel can do it,about 470mm of protection

I hope this is not one of those “sekret dokuments” scandals again.
But will get some popcorn just in case.

I got these photos from a social media,not even from some kind of military forums,and what they depicted are just some maintenance works,so it should be okay.

It seems to correlate with the fact that the breach isn’t that well armoured, but should at the very least stop all sub caliber APFSDS fired for at leats 40mm auto cannons (the Leclerc is said to be immune to 30mm all around)