I found a group of cheaters

i am posting this because maybe by looking at the type of the cheat in the video could help with the anticheat and maybe someone manage to identify the cheaters users


@admins maybe one of then can say more

Actually me and @Bruce_R1 managed to find who’s the player in one of the clips but the original topic was deleted or privated and I’ve send a message for one of the GM to deal with the specified user but no reply.

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[NRWAY] MSK_1717 is the burner account he’s using if other people want to take time to find replays and add reports to mine.

The trouble is everyone who does now probably only adds to his YouTube income, plus it’s obviously a stolen account he’s using, so I’m not sure where there we’ve hit the point of diminishing returns.

Gaijin social media team should just copy strike the whole YouTube account, NOW, tbh.