I feel like the TURM III should be rank VI

As the title says, and taking into account that a lot of people (myself included) have gotten this thing because of the sales, I feel like it should be in rank VI.
My reasoning? no faction except Japan and China have an 8.3 in rank V, all of them, including premiums (except for the PT-76-57), are considered rank VI.
Also, this thing faces constant uptiers, so why not push it up to rank VI?
Ofc this would benefit the research of top tier (rank VII) but at the same time, similar tanks like the t-55AM-1, which this thing fights regularly, is considered tier VI and can effectively research rank VII, which the TURM III cannot do.
I feel like a change in tier or just putting it in rank VI would benefit everybody.

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Making what difference exactly??

He just wants to grind tier VII without RP nerf.

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Makes no sense to have all 8.3 tanks be rank VI except 4. And yes, being able to grind top tier is a bonus.

Im sorry but what tier vehicle sits is not tied to BR they are.
Yeah Gaijin moved some planes up in tier and have changed some tiers for vehicles, but there is really no reason to change TURM III. We have random BRs like 7.7 tanks at tier IV, so TURM III sitting at 8.3 at rank 5 isn’t anything unique.

25 8.3 vehicles are rank VI, while 5 8.3 vehicles are rank V. I feel like that shows a tie between BR and rank, at least in tanks

But it doesn’t if it would be 1 tank at 8.3, but this just shows that 8.3 can sit at both rank V and VI.
Also I’m sure Gaijin doesn’t want people to grind whole German tree using Turm III

While it might be a good idea to think Gaijin doesnt want people to access top tier with the TURM, they sure as hell dont mind you buying a top tier and doing it, or hell, another 8.3 like the new vijayanta which you guessed it, sits at rank VI, instead of V. so you´re telling me Gaijing doesnt want people researching the trees with one vehicle but put a premium at the same BR and at a higher rank. weird right?

I “feel” it too.