I don't understand BnZ

Everytime I try BnZ the enemy always turns slightly and I miss, no problem, everyone says just start climbing and retry with the same or different enemy, but if everyone is dogfighting, meaning they’re turning, how can I BnZ them? and I can never sneak up on them since they always hear me and turn. I’m having this issue with the mig-15bis (stock since I can’t do anything with it)

Successful BnZ attacks depend on elements of surprise or correct anticipation of the flight path of your target in combination with a correct assessment of his energy state. So if you are able to predict the flight path and if your are able follow it / or to bring guns on target.

Imho your goal is not to BnZ, your goal is either to catch your enemy off guard or in a state in which he can’t evade due to a lack of energy.

So if your enemy is too fast to attack an BnZ dive is rather useless. The main strategy of fighting defensive whilst getting BnZoomed is exactly that: Lure enemies into high speed dives which are easy to dodge.

So in case you want to see how you BnZ with a much stiffer (at high speed) aircraft compared to your MiG 15 works - invest a few minutes and watch this replay:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

All 4 kills with my 8 ton SM 92 heavy fighter were the result of BnZ attacks - 2 x surprise (P-63 & P-51) and 2 x making the enemy slow (P-47 & P-63). The last guy just by baiting him to climb for me can be seen as faked BnZ to energy trap him…


If there’s an enemy in a fight and turning erratically, I prefer to dive sooner, level out a little below them or about equal with them, do a strafe, then extend away.

It’s far easier to hit a maneuvering target that is above you / level with the horizon, instead of below you.

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