I don't get this

Tell me how am I supposed to fight against 7.0 ships being a 6.0 abomination? There’s no point in that, every time I respawn they immediately start focusing me, because those losers just know they can get an easy kill, It’s unpleasant + unfair at it’s core. I know WT grind is just glorified 5/7 job, but it’s just hilarious. Also maps, I think I could work around just blantant unfairness in terms of ships if maps were good, but I just get spawned in plain sight, I can’t hide, what the hell is this? This gamemode is not involving any braincells, you just spawn and click LMB, maybe X occasionaly. I avoided playing naval for a long time thinking that gaijin needs time to build a worthy rival for another game you all know, but here I go, now I realized they’ve been building a steaming pile of you know what all time along, magnifique

Do you feel better now?


So is there any other point to this post aside of whining?


I do the same. As soon as I spot a destroyer or cruiser hull in a BB match I switch fire for a quick kill. Everyone does it. Thats why 6.0 BR cruisers are absolutly pointless. Like the Eugen, which was upped from 5.7 to 6.0 and became unplayable.

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Actually yes, thanks, was a tough one session of mine

It’s funny you mentioned this, because I actually played Eugen

Use Karlsruhe instead. Its by far the better premium than Eugen. Cause its 5.7 BR. This tiny difference means everything. You get alot downtiers, since most BB players play at max BR. Eugen is the better ship. However, the 6.0 BR kills it, you play vs. max BR BBs all the time.

You don’t have to use your bottom BR ships at all - take some reserve or other low level PT boats in your lineup - then use them instead of your vulnerable bottom-BR ships.

This applies at all BR’s.