I do not appear on the PS-only leaderboard lists?

I play on PS-5. Under Options - Main you can select to show only PS players in leaderboards, which I have set to “Yes.” When I go to the leaderboards, however, I do not appear at all, even though I used to, but I disappeared about a year ago. If I set the leaderboard for Air Arcade Battles, I see my friends, but not me. I can still see my air arcade stats on my profile, and based on those stats, I should easily be in the top 20 PS players in air arcade, but am not. Again, I used to be on the list, but disappeared about a year ago. If I turn off the PS-only setting under Options, then I appear on the leaderboard lists (much further down, since it includes all players and not just PS players), but I disappear if I set it to PS-only. Any ideas on how to fix this glitch?

I too have this issue also as many do my other friends i play with and what i see is we all have one thing in common which is we are playing on a PS5 while PS4 show up on the leader board…is yours a PS5 also?

Yes, as I note in the first line of my post above, I play on PS5.