I developed a free to use war thunder Wikipedia Android app

Hi all, it took me over a year but I have developed a free war thunder Wikipedia app to allow you to easily view vehicle information, in game updates and in game news
Download: https://shorturl.at/JLNVY

Join my discord server with over 150 users: HiFii’s server for Handsome Pilots

Here are some of the apps features:

• You can search for vehicles, right in the app
• Stay up to date with the ability to select both a War Thunder News, and War Thunder Updates section of the app that launches a webpage
• The app works offline
• You can “Favorite” vehicles to come back to later, this doubles as an offline section
• The app differentiates between Regular, Premium, and Squad vehicles in the game
• The app loads very fast and is designed with modern coding practices
• The app offers Material You, aka Dynamic Theming in the Settings


I do not use the words war or thunder in the app and I also don’t make any money off of it nor do I claim that it’s official, if you check the Play store listing it will say it is an unofficial and unaffiliated client


His joke are subpar at best,

I say this is a brilliant idea it saves time via going to this app than any search engine well done


Thanks for the compliment


No worries however I just downloaded it and the home screen crashes the app but if I’m quick enough I can manage to load the wiki screen no problem.

Dude, that’s super weird, I have never gotten a report of the app crashing at the home screen…

Have you tried opening the app a couple of times? A dialog pops up and maybe that’s causing the crash, again. I have 3100 downloads on the app and no one’s ever told me that

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I’ve tried the home page and ye just keeps crashing, but the wiki works so if I just keep it on there it won’t matter too much

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Sounds good man, sorry for the difficulties. That’s a really weird bug lol… The app isn’t crashing for me. I just tested it. Can you please join the discord in my original post and we can talk about the issue? I’d really like to fix that, or you can email me at [email protected]

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Discord link: Discord

If it’s legitimate.
I don’t trust short links as is.

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This forum does not allow me to post Google Play links so a workaround I found is to just post a short link lol

It is a legitimate link.

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Yep, I always feel sketchy. Posting a short link but there was no other way to get it on the forum because they don’t allow people to post Google Play links

It’s a really impressive app. Wish I could get it on iOS, but regardless, bravo! This is really impressive and fantastic.


That’s nice of you to call it impressive, I was pretty impressed with myself when I finished it lol, sorry it’s not available on iOS but I appreciate the compliment

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There is already official wiki and app that is updated by Gaijin. Find new hobby…



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His app is better than assistant if you want easy access to wiki. It does not require to be logged in and it is much smaller compare to WT assistant - 6.8MB vs 83MB. So it is nice alternative for people with weaker smart phones.


Pretty sure the wiki is 99% maintained by players, considering how much information is missing, out of date, or simply wrong.

Imagine a game this size not having an actual wiki/knowledge base. GJN cheap out at every corner lol.

There are database inputs from Gaijin. Back in 2019 when I did almost whole Japanese navy wiki I remember there were things that were “locked” for regular editors.

But it does have wiki, I posted link in previous reply. And exactly, game this size cant have wiki maintained by devs. They would need to employ people just for wiki editing (you can get paid in GE btw). And then you would whine about wiki not being done by players.
Please dont cope in my replies. I understand you hate gaijin but for a moment I thought we have serious conversation.