I cant sign in my account

i havent been able to join into my account in couple days and every time I try to sign in it just says that password or email is wrong. Is there any possibility that i’ve been hacked or something else ?

Submit a Support ticket https://support.gaijin.net

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i need to change phone number on which is my account but i cant do it bc i lost that card and now i have new phone number

Go make a ticket dude, I’m a random person.

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ONLY SUPPORT can help you with account issues. NOBODY in forum can help you, other than direct you to support.

I find it odd that you use a phone number, but may be due to your country or some option you used. Usually accounts are linked to email and you can reset your account and choose a new password if you have access to your email…

You have a “forgot your password” link or similar on gaijin accoun sign in…here:

Additional info:

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