I can't send a message game master

hi, I want to connect with the game master, but when I try to send a message, it gives me this error.

An error occurred: You must play battles in game, in order to be able to post

I play the game every day and it messaged me during the game. thx

Is this for an account with another name? Because I can’t find a game account with the name fort knox…

cholesterol110 was original pain, blocked, fort knox is changesd, mail [email protected]

I don’t know which name to put, the one that was blocked is a fck game, maybe try it

Please contact me via PM so we can have a look at this.

Edit: Using the login from the blocked account…

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I have invested many hours into this game but now I have no idea how to fix the error I re-registered and I don’t think I have played the program yet. I never logged in anywhere because I clicked on play in steam and the game started. I don’t know how to change it if I can’t get back into the game. when I signed up, he kept sending everything to [email protected], I changed my name to fort knox. I thought I was doing well. And when it blocked me during the game, I had the fck game name in the game. I know I should contact you via PM but now I can’t and I don’t know how to fix it. thanks for your patience. if there is no other way, then my 2778 hours are lost.

what i think has happened is that you have created a new account instead of changing names of the old one. or tried changing names in steam instead of the game.

hey it’s me, I guess I can say goodbye to my game … my stupidity and mistake to give myself such a name in a weak moment

I don’t understand your issue though. Can you not log into the main website or the forum with the steam account (or your login for the banned account)?

(Creating a new account won’t delete the other one)

I normally start the game but I can’t play it or go into it because a message pops up saying that I have a blocked game … that’s why I wanted to sign up according to the instructions, but since I wasn’t registered, I created an account and used the email in which I’m in the stream. and that’s the 2-day-old account from which I don’t know the PM for GM.

Stop using new account on forum. Log off from it and log in with your game account.
No one will be able to help you if you are using new account and trying to discuss issue on different account.


i don’t think he knows how, since his banned account is steam created.
But IIRC you just log into the forum through steam option right?

Yup, if you use Steam login on WT, you can use Steam account to login on forum.
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I’ve been trying to contact gamemasters for two days, I’ve already written 4 messages but they don’t even look at me. how to contact them? banned my account because of the nickname.

probably same as above, this account is new and has no games on it, use the banned one to contact them.

I have been using this profile since 2017

i see “joined 2 days ago”.

thx, now it’s ok

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