I can't fire rockets (ctrl) while holding WEP (Z)

When i try to fire a rocket (I use “Ctrl”) it cuts out the afterburner (Z).
It seems that it only happens with “Ctrl+Z” : I tried with “Ctrl+up arrow” / "Z+’ " and it works normally.

Is this a problem with my game or a bug, and how can I fix it?

By default for some, SHIFT is throttle up and CTRL is throttle down, you’ll need to rebind to non control throttle keys.

I don’t use Ctrl or SHIFT for throttle.
It’s a bit weird but I prefer Z / S for throttle and Ctrl / SHIFT for diverses secondary armaments.



Do you have any other ideas to solve this problem? Otherwise I will change my keybinds.

Can you try clearing all the binds with “CTRL” ? Then testing again?

Make sure to save your controls first.

By default, CTRL is binded for activate the camera with the mouse (controls => common => camera => activate camera by mouse).

Ok! Problem solved!

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