I came across a goldmine of information about the Challenger 2s weaponry and made a bug report for the L27A1

I had found the Castlemartin Incident Report made by the MoD. It has details about the length of the L29A1 (L27A1 but for training). Acording to gaijin it is 600mm long which cocked up their lanz odermatt to say that it can penetrate up to 564mm. Acording to the report it is 660mm long. For more details check out the report:


+1 maybe if one day this tank will be repaired, maybe I’ll finish the GB tree


Yeah hope so. I think in the next patch or atleast they said it will happen then. They will change the model on the Challenger 2 which means the ammo might get some attention if a bug report like this is accepted for their lanz-odermatt formula



660mm is the entire projectile length for this (which includes the stub).

DM53 full projectile length is 685 and it was measured using 685mm:

DM53s full projectile length is 745mm…

685mm is the tungsten core (i.e the penetrator).

660mm is the full length of the sabot (counting the tip and fins), not of the main penetrator (~600mm).

You see, L27A1 is 660mm as seen in the photos below. The full projectile even goes into the orange part which you call the stub

How is this relevant to L29A1?

That scaling of L27A1 & DM43 is also quite bad, the latter is in fact longer than the former.

Pretty sure that document is still classified.

Nope, it’s available to the public

no it one of the only open to public documents on the Challenger 2

If you found it online that doesn’t make not classified.

As unclassfied as it can be.


why is the government leaking documents

@SemiPartician can you post that page?
AFAIK it has around 180

Thanks for the exact number

This book?

Defo 188 pages


Let me find it again

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