I bought gaijins coins and i dont see them

where are my gaijin coins ???
i don’t want to lose my money!!!

they will showing up after you re-log in.

The website is still under maintenance so i will wait but this time it’s unusual?!

mee too i didnt receive golden eagles wtf

same but with premium time, website had an error just as i completed payment, they took the money, but no premium time

Well, I say give it some time
I have same issue as @Pakupapito . Bought GE, but instead of being redirected to successful purchase page, I was redirected to “store is under maintenance”. GEs weren’t received but money went through.

I think store is experiencing lot of traffic right now so… It may be slow I guess

the store is overloaded, we should probably receive our GE within 24 hours, if not, save your payment receipts and contact support