I beg, Please fix hull aiming

The Signature tank of the Swedish Tech-tree

Stridsvagn 103

Oh boy did the developers Fail it.

First it was unusable. Got fixed, then broke. Got fixed so its usable. its far from smooth and still is a buggy mess, the aiming programming doesn’t know what to do when faced with a slope. And i know its been beat to death but

“In real life it was smooth and could effectively track enemies even on slopes!”

But its true it was smooth and it was easy to aim, meanwhile in-game its frankly if compared Dog water. If i get a “Sweden main complaining while Being one of the best nations” Sir/mam or whatever. Have you yourself grinded the Swedish TT for 5000 hours? No? well then, go grind Sweden and come back to me.

Now back to the topic, The Strv 103 is the Signature tank for Swedish Tank design. And the only tank of its type in War thunder the VT1-2 is more like other TDs than people want to admit. So i want people to come together and make the Strv 103s Aiming system “Like it was in real life, i know the statement is cringe but its true” For people thinking the Strv 103 will be OP after this fix. Sure its got firerate, but it got the same exact weakness as TDs. It trades the same values. Its balanced, Nobody is saying the German TDs are op, and they got a lot of armour for their br´s

Agree? if not explain yourself!
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Swedish Tree isn’t even that stellar, idiots just can’t aim so they cry. Japan has as many stellar tanks.
Never have issues fighting Leopards/Strvs in my Challies, and the rest of the tree has been a grind outside of the Vidar and Bkan.

But yeah the optimal 103 playstyle is to just sit on a corner