I am struggling with the t55am1

I find it rather strange that everyone is saying that the t55am1 is op when i am struggling to break past 1kd. Any help?

I feel like of those vehicles that are claimed to be OP are only that when played by high skilled players.

In fact, it looks OP, because with its over-shielding, it’s hard to pierce when it’s top tier 8.3>7.3. Most 84/105mm APDS don’t penetrate it, or only with difficulty.
Nor do 90mm HEATs.

First identify if you are in a downteir or an upteir. If you are in a downteir then you can be agressive in the match, go and brawl and use your foward speed to take space and push hard, most vehicles will not be able to kill you and you can easily lolpen everything. in an upteir, you should play more defensively and sit is a hull down poistion, using your turret armour to stop anything looking at you, you can still kill just about everything you can see but more things can kill you. Play with your team at all times, as if you get cought out you will not be able to reverse out of a bad situation, also when picking your position remember that your depression is also not great. The vehicle is better than any other 8.3 vehicle in the game, compare it to a T-62, Cheiftain Mk3, the Brenus and even things like the 8.3 magachs or the 8.7 M60 Rise and it will come out on top.

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Agree with @T3ddy4

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Thanks for the reply i hope it will hold up now that its 8.7 with a slightly better reload rate

The T55-AMD was always 8.7, and still functioned well, and the Drozd aps is situational at best and does not seriously improve the survivability of the vehicle, especially now that fewer and fewer people are using atgm systems after the missile changes