I am really confused about where the scout button is on my tier VI light tank Rooikat 105

I got the Rooikat 105 which has a UAV, which supposedly can spot. Which made me realise I do not understand how to scout anything.
I have read on the wiki that you press V (I am using default keyboard and mouse keybinds) while using a scout vehicle.

I have the Rooikat 105 of course, and also just to make sure I also bought the SARC MkVI (2pdr) and reearched the Airstrike and Improved optics upgrade. This is the SARC

And this is the Rooikat.

As far as I can understand, this means I should have this binoculars icon in my hotbar like shown on the wiki

But instead, this is all I see on the rooikat

And this is all I see on the SARC. Two ammo types, smoke and fire extinguisher.

I have been spending some hours in the test drive, on both realistic and arcade to try and scout a vehicle, but I haven’t been able to successfully do it.

Is there an in game tutorial? Or is there something else going on.
I have a theory that maybe I need crew skills that I don’t have?

The scouting button does not show up in test drives. In a regular game, it should be available regardless of crew skill or what modules you have.

As for the UAV, it does not have the same active scouting as tanks do. When you are in the UAV control, there should be a button that allows you to “point” to an area of the map. It will put a small red circle over that point for a few seconds.

The button will look like this. Red circle with a green check-mark.
What is the name of these two controls on the scout uav? I tried looking  for them so I could change their keybinds but I couldn't find them : r/ Warthunder

Ooh I see. Very unfortunate for it to not be doable in test. Thanks.