I am curious of the sources for the m18's info

I found A manual for the hellcat that seems official and it matches up close to the wikipedia page (Though I am not willing to say its completely true)
I am mostly curious where Gaijin got its numbers from for the tank?

What exactly is Gaijin getting wrong?

IF what I read is true, I can only see that the m18 had one reverse gear, had a slightly lower top speed, and weighed slightly less than it does in game. That is why I am curious where they got their info from

The M18 in real life has a 900-T torqmatic transmission with a torque converter. Torque converters provide a fluid compling and a variable reduction gear when input RPM (from the engine) is lower than output RPM (going into the transmission). WarThunder cannot simulate this, so tanks with torque converters get additional gears to compensate.

Most values on US WW2 tanks come from β€œCatalog of Standard Ordnance Items, Volume I”. In there the M18 is stated to have a 50 mph top speed, or 80.47 km/h, so top speed is fine with that source in mind. The same source also says that the M18 has a gross approximate weight of 40,000 lbs, or around 18140 kg. Different sources say different weights, and according to the source that Gaijin typically uses for these vehicles, the M18 is underweight if anything.


Thank you. I never intended to say that the m18 should be changed, I was mostly curious where they got their info from